Destinations Europe:

We take care of any international transport from stable to stable, and we serve the following destinations more times every months: Germany, Holland, Belgium, Ireland and the United Kingdom, which is our speciality.

From time to time we also go to Austria, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Eastern Europe on request.

To and from the UK we cross over on the route Hook van Holland to Harwich instead of going the much longer way over the Channel. This give the horses a much shorter and smoother journey !

Overseas destinations:

Using the most acknowledged airlines like KLM, Martinair, Qatar etc. we also do air transport to and from any overseas destination either as a total solution or just from stable to arrival to quarantine.

This will always be carried out by Horses By Air ApS - our sister company.


Carrying out international horse transport:

On transports lasting more than 10 hours, there will always be two drivers. We drive for max. 4½ hours after which the horses will have a rest (on the horsebox) for one hour and so on.    While the horses rest, we will fill up with hay and check on the horses well-being. (water is available all the time from water-bowls, and we will of course check, that they drink).

If the transport is so far, that it can´t be done within the time allowed, the horses will be stabled at a pre-booked stable. Payment for this is not included in any quotes.