Terms of transport:

A good quality halter (preferably leather) and a lead rope must accompany the horse.                                                                    Wraps and quilts will not be accepted neither on legs nor tail. Shipping boots and tail guard of good quality will be accepted but is not recommended.                                                                        Horses, who are not used to being handled, will not be accepted for transport due to the well-being of the horse and our horseboxes.        Foals, who must travel without the mare, must be at least 6 months old and weaned at least 2 weeks before the actual transport and able to handle.                                                                                        We are happy to load from any stable provided a firm ground and free from trees and branches.

If a horse is known to be a bad traveller (e.g. after a trailer-ride) we shall appriciate to know in advance.

​Payment terms:

ll prices / quotes are subject to Danish VAT of 25% if client is not registred for VAT in the EU country of destination. Outside the EU no VAT to be charged.

Payment in cash must take place at the time of arrival to destination at the latest (no credit-cards/cheques accepted) or by previous bank transfer. 


In order to carry out a transport we naturally calculate with a certain number of horses and a certain turn-over.

Therefore we must charge as follows in case of cancellation:

By cancellation later than 8 days but still before our horsebox´s departure from Odense, we will charge 50%.

By cancellation after our horsebox´s departure from Odense, we will charge 100%.

For England /Ireland cancellation later than 10 days before our horseboxes departure from Odense, we will charge 100%.​


In case of a delay due to weather circumstances or other circumstances out of our control the horse(s) will be stabled at owners expense and risk.
A fee will be charged per hour / 24 hours and the amount depends on whether the horsebox is manned by one or two drivers. 


In the past 40 years we never had an injured horse, but all horses are transported, handled and stabled at owners risk and must be insured by owner.